SERP Analysis

Analyze the Competition on Search Engine Results

The SERP Analysis Tool is a must for every SEO Professional.

This tool allows you to analyze the Search Engine Results of a specific keyword and gives you useful recommendations and the action plan in order to achieve high rankings. Thus not only it helps you optimize your Website’s SEO performance, but also it enables you to build a new solid SEO strategy.

Additionally this SEO tool provides great assistance during Keyword Research, because it helps you to easily distinguish the keywords for which you are likely to achieve good rankings from those for which you have no chance to rank.

Competition Estimation & Statistical Reports

The SEO Report provides you with detailed Charts & Diagrams that illustrate how intense the competition is and estimates the probability to achieve good rankings. Additionally the SERP Analyzer provides several Statistics and Pie Charts about the identified Languages, the TLDs, the Titles, the Keyword usage and more.

Analyze Competitors’ SEO Strategy

The Search Engine Results are analyzed according to all the known SEO factors providing useful information about the SEO Strategy of your competitors. Few of the parameters and ranking signals that are taken into account are:

  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Link Quantity and Quality
  • PageRank
  • WuzzRank & Social Media Popularity
  • On-page Optimization & Keyword Optimization
  • Other useful information are also available such as Traffic data, Load Time & Speed, Website Size, Domain Age and more

Ranking Estimation & SEO Recommendations

At the end of the Report the Tool evaluates the possibility for a given URL to Rank for the selected term and defines the actions to proceed with in order to improve the rankings.


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